Anthropologie London – Retail Experience


If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the new Anthropologie store on London’s Regent Street then here is a preview. The Anthropologie store has opened it’s doors and breathed a highly experiential and much-needed breath of fresh air into the struggling world of retail.

The Experience begins as you approach the impressive façade of the store on London’s prominent Regent Street.  The inaugural window display- what appears as a series of giant fractallised spheres in fact consists of a creatively used mass of used tea bags!


23_Shot_RETOUCHED copy

02_Shot_RETOUCHED copy

Entering the space you notice the impressive level of detail that has been put into this flagship interior. The balanced mix of found tables and objects together with art installations at almost every section, teamed with slick lighting and finishes give a delightful retail experience- part boho, part art gallery.



The journey of exploration continues as you move deeper into the interior. The feature that affects you in the most dramatic and sensual way is the lush planted wall which extends more than 50 feet vertically up the stairway atrium from the basement to the top floor.  A giant 20ft papier-maché whale which hovers above the main display area on Anthropologie’s penthouse floor shows a twist of humour and charm is one of this clever brand’s methods to entertain and engage their clientele.  The amazing array of installations and quirky but beautifully put together assemblages at almost every sales point are put together by a team of full-time visual merchandisers- all established and practicing artists.


Your Studio‘s recent  blog posts and Trend Reports have been reporting on this future trend for retailers to embrace a far more artistic and experiential shopping environment, learnt from the best practitioners on the fringe of commercial retail.  Our report ‘The Retail Curators‘ illustrated the creative approach to shop spaces taken by the likes of Rei Kawakubo (Dover Street Market, London, Tokyo), Rossana Orlandi (Spazia Rossana Orlandi, Milan) and Marie-France Cohen (Merci, Paris).

Anthropologie is a great example of this trend moving onto the high street.

04_Shot_RETOUCHED copy24_Shot_RETOUCHED copy10_Shot_RETOUCHED

We hope you enjoyed the images and we’re  sure you will enjoy the Anthropologie retail experience.

Till next time,

Your Studio

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Written by Tom Philipson Thank you to Anthropologie for the photos


9 responses to “Anthropologie London – Retail Experience

  1. Great overview – it’s always so difficult to make time to get out and see what other retailers are doing, and yet it’s crucial to know. Since I’ve heard so much about this opening, I’ve been dying to see what all the hype is about, and it looks like it’s not just hype for once – thanks for a great pictorial and written summary.

  2. Looks fantastic, but dangerous serious shopping spree alarm bells srart ringing….

  3. Looks fantastic, and you have a great blog 😉

  4. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Thanks for sharing. The images of the London Anthropologie store are great minuets of stories, lore and fantasy. It’s fun, fresh and clean.

  7. What’s amazing is that every Anthropologie I’ve visited–from a store in the hip Pearl District of Portland, Oregon to a store tucked into a nice, but awfully “normal” mall in Boca Raton–every one of them exemplifies this same level of care in design. Albeit in varying levels of intensity.

    I’m impressed, for sure.

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