Augmented Reality: Taking 2D to 3D

Augmented Reality, the new technology where the real and virtual world are meshed, is making the transition from the prototype stage to reality as we speak.  This novel interactive technology comes to life when the lens of your iPhone, smartphone or webcam locates with a marker placed in your environment.  A series of three-dimensional and interactive animations which locate with this marker are then triggered to pop out of the page like a digital hologram.  Augmented Reality provides the opportunity to elevate currently two-dimensional media into totally immersive three-dimensional experiences and holds incredible potential for the retail industry.  This month’s Esquire Magazine employs this novel technology to take the magazine into multiple dimensions:

In this article we look at the most innovative examples of Augmented Reality launching in the real world.

The Lego Store in Silicone Valley have harnessed the potential of this new technology by creating an Augmented Reality app that shows you the models possible to make inside the various boxes as you present them to a screen:

Avoid frustrating construction hiccoughts with the launch of Ikea’s first interactive instruction manual:

Digital Airbrushing:

And the first Augmented Reality music videos are literally ‘staged’ in your own room:

‘PTAM’ (Parallel Tracking and Marking) is a branch of Augmented Reality which maps the environment through your camera lens with marker points.  These points create a virtual mesh from which things can grow.  Although focusing on a simple desktop at close range, this example demonstrates how a whole ‘second virtual layer’ can be superimposed over an existing environment.  The potential of this technology to create totally immersive retail experiences is endless and we shall be updating you with more insights into this very soon…

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3 responses to “Augmented Reality: Taking 2D to 3D

  1. (About the digital airbrush/stencil)
    AMAZING !!!!!

  2. Technology: What an amazing, incredible, and sometimes dangerous thing!

  3. Hello -are you still looking for people who know how to do this? Did you see the work that Bright Spark Digital did for Stella Artois? it’s on Popsop this week

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