Zurich’s Blue Monkey

Image Courtesy of Dyer-Smith/Frey

Kramer Gastronomie selected the young Swiss designer duo, James Dyer-Smith and Gian Frey, to create a 1920’s old world Fumoir inside The Blue Monkey restaurant in Niederdorf, Zurich, which merges the lounging English pub comfort with the presence of modernity through raw materials and once inside you know that you are in a place were you can unwind and light up.

Image Courtesy of Dyer-Smith/Frey

This lounging atmosphere has been primarily achieved by the green smoke paint colours creating an interior which is cozy and comfortable to relax in. The solid wood finish bespoke bar and dining folding tables which are a dominant feature in the space have been designed by Dyer-Smith/Frey. The antique finished mirror inset in theses features gives the illusion of a larger space which is a clever necessity in such dark atmospheric interiors.

Image Courtesy of Dyer-Smith/Frey

The presence of old world is created by the black and white pictures hung on the walls portraying Hollywood stars and artists. The wall lights are the best feature in the space braking up the solidity of the wood in intervals. They have softness and an artistic feel to their design. All these elements counter balance with the bar, which has a strictly modern design to it and is made out of Corian. The illuminated Corian is almost like it is from another interior and another era. Its hard edges are very strong and the fact that it contains concealed lighting makes it dominate the interior space with its presence.

Image Courtesy of Dyer-Smith/Frey

Another element which is from the other style world is the floor to ceiling beveled edge mirror. Broken up into irregular shapes this piece is an important addition to the space introducing openness, clarity and a littlie bit of glam. This ‘glamnes’ is not present in the fixtures close to this mirror but that does not stop them from being one of our favorite design classics that have turned to modernity. We are talking about none other then the full height radiators. Designed from the classic motive of the 20-30-40’s these radiators have been created to act as an artistic element. There is something very sexy and etiquette industrial in these particular styles. They are simply a work of art.

Image Courtesy of Dyer-Smith/Frey

Throughout the Fumoir the loose wooden furniture coincides with the whole design. The main seating place though where most guests want to seat is the old style leather sofa. Portraying the lounge effect through the leathers ‘rusticness’ we are sure that everyone is wishing this seat is free and if not they are looking around for a second sofa lounge.

gathered from Dyer-Smith & Frey and Yatzer


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