Derriere Restaurant

Derriere is a fairly unique restaurant concept in the heart of Paris. It offers to its guests the qualities of having a gourmet dinner in a restaurant with the comfort and warmth of eating in a traditional Parisian home. The basic idea behind this concept was to make guests feel as if they are invited and treated in a friend’s house – a concept that is lately starting to become more and more popular amongst Parisian restaurants, bars or even clubs.

Starting with the site of the venue, Derriere is located in the 3rd district of Paris amongst numerous bars and restaurants of the area. Its name (derriere=behind) originates from its exact location, which right at the back of 404 restaurant and Andy Wahloo cocktail bar in la Rue des Gravilliers. As you walk on, hidden at a rather exclusive spot of the street Derriere appears as surprise offer amongst the options of Le Marrais.

What is very distinguishing about this restaurant is its atmosphere, which again provides its focal point. With the decoration of a French baroque house, Derriere is equipped with numerous ‘little touches’ that make the visitor feel as if they are having a family dinner, or one amongst friends – so that they do feel easy to behave likewise. Little wooden chairs, messy bookshelves loaded with huge piles of books, an old ‘baignoire’, a bed placed in the middle of the room space, a ping-pong table and lots of other objects that add a little something to making Derriere ‘feel like home’.

Upon their arrival the ‘guests’ of the restaurant are welcomed by the staff and are asked to choose their sitting according to their mood, having to choose between settling in the traditional yet cozy dining room, playing ping-pong in the home-like decorated salon, watching a film in the ‘movies’ designated area or having a cocktail with their friends in the boudoir. The venue also offers a more quite area on the upstairs, which functions as a bedroom, and guests can go to relax.

What should not forget to mention is Derriere’s famous ‘secret room’. This refers to a delicately discrete fumoir (smoking room), which is a hushed whispered by many. With its entrance door looking like an old baroque wardrobe no one expects that opening it will lead you to a private room where smoking is ‘off-the record’ allowed.

Regarding the cuisine and menu options offered by Derriere, it could be said that the proposals are more or less similar to most hype restaurants of its genre offering the typical ‘revised’ French cuisine. What is rather interesting is the menu itself. Derriere has commissioned the design and graphics of the menus to Ich&Kar, also responsible for the graphic design of the famous Momo in London.

gathered from Derriere, Ich&Kar and Yatzer
photo © Andrea Ferrari, Studio Pepe


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