Augmented Reality: Taking 2D to 3D

Augmented Reality, the new technology where the real and virtual world are meshed, is making the transition from the prototype stage to reality as we speak.  This novel interactive technology comes to life when the lens of your iPhone, smartphone or webcam locates with a marker placed in your environment.  A series of three-dimensional and interactive animations which locate with this marker are then triggered to pop out of the page like a digital hologram.  Augmented Reality provides the opportunity to elevate currently two-dimensional media into totally immersive three-dimensional experiences and holds incredible potential for the retail industry.  This month’s Esquire Magazine employs this novel technology to take the magazine into multiple dimensions:

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Anthropologie London – Retail Experience


If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the new Anthropologie store on London’s Regent Street then here is a preview. The Anthropologie store has opened it’s doors and breathed a highly experiential and much-needed breath of fresh air into the struggling world of retail.

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High Performance Shopfronts

Rossa + Rossa's façade projection: "How it would be if a house was dreaming"

Rossa + Rossa's façade projection: "How it would be if a house was dreaming"

What would it be like if your façade could come to life and talk to your customers?  ‘Urban Screening’ is when you do exactly this- using the entire architectural façade of your building to create full-scale graphics or animations.  We look at the best examples of this new trend. Continue reading

Weekly Round Up

A  look what has been of interest this week including art, architecture, deign and graphics:

Chrissie Abbott

A freelance illustrator from Hackney, accommodating both slick computer arts with a folk style and a retrospective for the 70’s.  She combines found images with illustrations and a collage hand-drawn graphic style of art.


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The Retail Curators

The Italian in Rosanna has enhanced her fashion and home-wares empire at Spazia Rosanna Orlandi, Milan

The spirit of Rosanna Orlandi truly enhances every element of her fashion and home-wares empire Spazia Rosanna Orlandi, Milan

The future of retail is all about experience.  Looking at some of the world’s leading proponents in cult shopping experiences, we see what it is that makes the minds of these creative visionaries able to capture the hearts and minds of their clients.  We also look at the environments they have created- beyond the innovation we study the thought behind these new environments and look at the ways we can challenge the way we will be shopping in the next decade. Continue reading

Modern Treasures from the Venice Biennale

“Underneath Day’s azure eyes, Ocean’s nursling, Venice lies, A peopled labyrinth of walls, Amphitrite’s destined halls.”

02 IMG_689- dancer in mirror-SM
Francis Upritchard’s ‘Yellow Dancer’ from ‘Save Yourself’, installation for the NZ Pavillion, Palazzo Mangilli-Valmarana, Venice Biennale, 2009

As the sun rose and the art-crowds flocked, the great palazzos threw open their doors this weekend marking the opening of Venice’s 53rd Biennale, curated by Daniel Burnbaum and open

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Ages ago I saw a lovely animation by this studio set to a long roll of paper- have a look at this piece based on a pad and cutting mat. Hope you enjoy!

Berlin Dresses Up

Dinner Club Bangaluu

Dinner Club Bangaluu

Berlin has emerged in recent years as one of the world’s great creative capitals, brimming with exhibitions and parties. A city full of contrasts, Berlin is edgy but comparatively safe with its own solid, distinctive style. It has grown famous for its concept clubs and cafés. But recently the city has developed from the illegal clubs in hard-to-find, crumbly ruins with little ventilation and few fire exits (which sadly are fading into a legend). The German compulsion to make everything neat and tidy has brought a new phase to the city, especially East Berlin. The city has smartened up its image and hip bar and restaurant interiors have moved to the opposite extreme with white upholstery and clinically clean lines currently in vogue. Continue reading

Sanctum Soho Hotel


Paying homage to Soho’s history as a centre of artistic activity and bohemia, London’s Sanctum Soho Hotel is a celebration of edgy glamour that fluidly integrates art and individuality into its design. The brainchild of bar and club impresario Mark Fuller, two Edwardian townhouses on Soho’s Warwick Street were given a £10m facelift and converted into a luxurious 30-room, seven-storey crash pad. Continue reading

Nagi Noda’s Bizarre Hair Sculptures

Nagi Noda Hair Sculptures

A good look for Friday in the office